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New terminal at Samarkand International Airport
From April 1, 2022, flights will be operated at the new terminal at Samarkand International Airport.
New terminal at Samarkand International Airport

Now the number of flights on international routes will increase to 114 per week, or 35%.

The old airport served 400 passengers per hour, while the new building can serve 1,200 passengers per hour.

Special attention was paid to the creation of modern services and facilities for foreign tourists and pilgrims at the new airport.

Now it is possible for passengers and tourists to get to the airport by private and public transport. The situation that caused the most complaints from passengers - long queues for paperwork and hours of waiting for cargo has been eliminated.

For the first time, a "customs-free control" system has been established at Samarkand International Airport.

At the same time, passengers leave the country without going directly to the customs service, without even noticing the presence of the customs service.


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