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Implementation of the “Electronic Government” system for provision of interactive public services

In accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from June 27, 2013 No. PR-1989 the following tasks have been set for the development of “electronic government” system in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Complex program of the list of measures and projects on creation of complex of information systems and databases of “Electronic government” system has been approved.

The complex program includes 22 projects and 6 events, which are of great importance for introducing the “E-government” system in Uzbekistan.

The Republican Commission for the Coordination of the implementation of the Comprehensive Program of Further Development of the National Information and Communication System has been established.

Uzbekistan has developed graphs on the implementation of the most important projects of the “E-government” system. The following graphs provide for the implementation of the following projects:

  • Development of the project implementation concept.
  • Development of preliminary estimates of technical economic cost.
  • Expertise of preliminary technical cost estimates.
  • Technical assignment development.
  • Conducting competitions for the project implementer.
  • Project implementation.

Within the framework of promising plans for the introduction of “E-Government”, a project on creation of an inter-agency integrated platform will be implemented in 2014-2016. This platform will unite information systems of all government agencies, and will serve to exchange information amongst state bodies on the public requests for access to information, applications and other services.

Information exchange, communication with public and entreprenuers of state authorities, as well as a number of public services are being implemented through the Single portal launched in 2013.

According to the program, it is envisaged to establish a Single Identification System on the basis of public keys to identify users of the “E-government” system.

Development of national databases and registries of physical and legal entities, transport, cadastre, real estate, information and classifications is an important stage of development effectiveness of “E-government” information systems.

After that, the population and entrepreneurs will be provided with the opportunity to use public services in electronic form, and government agencies to optimize their performance and increase their effectiveness.

The program for development of telecommunication technologies, networks and communication infrastructure in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2013-2020 will serve as an important legal instrument for the further development of information society in Uzbekistan and the further integration of the country into the global information space.

The main purpose of E-government in Uzbekistan is to create an excellent public administration electronic device and the followings:

  • The widest possible submission of interactive services;

      Transparency and explicit reporting of government agencies;

  • individuality and Easy access to services;
  • Active participation and awareness of citizens in political processes; free exchange of information;
  • Creating favorable conditions for provision of public services for population and entrepreneurship; to encourage citizens to expand their self-employed capacity;
  • Increasing voter participation in governance and their capacity in governance of the state.

The main tasks of the “E-government” Development Center are follows:

  • Development of strategic directions for the further development and improvement of “E-government” system on the basis of world trends and analysis of experience of foreign countries;
  • Arrangement of normative and methodological support for the implementation of “E-government” system projects, establishing a system of “E- government”, providing a single technological approach which provides a coordinated design mechanism for the development and integration of information systems, information resources and databases utilized in public authorities;
  • Preparation of proposals on the introduction, improvement and optimization of innovative business processes, related to public services, systematic reorganization of the functional and operational processes of state bodies;
  • Carrying out targeted analysis and effective proposals for the improvement of the existing regulatory framework for the effective implementation of the “E- government” system;
  • Implementation of the system of ICT efficiency assessment in the public administration system, systematic monitoring, assessment of the introduction and development of information and communication technologies, including studying the application of information technologies and resource efficiency;
  • Identification of Indicators targeted at the implementation of the “E- government” system projects, and the creating of methods for identifying key performance indicators and effective distribution of interactive public services.


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