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The list of goods subject to obligatory certification

The list of goods subject to obligatory certification


1. Meat and meat offal, including packaged

2. Fish and crustaceans, mollusks and other aquatic invertebrates

3. Dairy products (except milk harvested); eggs of birds (except eggs for incubation); natural honey; food products of animal origin (for human consumption only)

4. Intestines, blisters and stomachs of animals (except fish), whole or in pieces, fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, in brine, dried or smoked

5. Vegetables (with the exception of seed material) and some edible roots and tubers

6. Edible fruits and nuts; rind and roots of citrus or melons

7. Coffee, tea and spices

8. Cereals

9. Products of the milling industry; malt; starch; inulin; wheat gluten

10. Peanuts, not fried or not cooked in any other way, peeled or peeled, crushed or not crushed

11. Vegetable juices and extracts; pectic substances, pectinates and pectates; agar-agar and thickeners of vegetable origin, modified or not modified

12. Fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin, their cleavage products, cooked edible fats; animal or vegetable waxes

13. Prepared products from meat, fish or crustaceans or other aquatic invertebrates

14. Sugar and sugar confectionery

15.Cocoa and confectionery products

16. Prepared cereal products, flour,   starch or milk, flour confectionery

17. Products of processing vegetables, fruits, nuts and other parts of plants

18. Different food products

19. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and vinegar

20. Food, culinary products and                 semi-finished products manufactured by catering enterprises for sale to the population through the trading network

21. Tobacco and industrial tobacco substitutes

22.  Salt (for edible salt only)

23. Quartz, marble, granite, gravel, cement, asbestos

24. Mineral fuel, oil and their distillation products; bituminous substances; mineral waxes

25. Fire extinguishing powders (based on sodium bicarbonate)

26.  Acyclic and cyclic hydrocarbons (only for products used as fuel)

27. Sulfonamides, provitamins, vitamins, hormones, glycosides and vegetable alkaloids, antibiotics

28. Pharmaceutical products (with the exception of glands and organs removed from the human and animal organism and intended for transplantation)

29. Fertilizers

30. Paints and varnishes (only fire retardant)

31.Essential oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet products

32. Soaps, organic surfactants, detergents, lubricants, artificial and ready-made waxes, cleaning or polishing compounds, candles and similar products, modeling pastes, plasticine, “dental wax” and gypsum-based dental compositions

33. Caseins, caseinates and other casein derivatives; albumin, albuminate and other albumin derivatives; gelatin and gelatin derivatives; peptones and their derivatives; other protein substances and their derivatives; dextrins and other modified starches; enzymes; enzyme preparations.

34. Explosives; fire cords and detonating cords; shock or detonating caps; fuses; electric detonators; pyrotechnic products; matches

35.Insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides

36. Compositions and charges for fire extinguishers

37. Refractory cements

38. Brake fluids, antifreeze

39. Plastic products (pipes, tubes, fittings, floor coverings, plates, sheets, films, sanitary ware, packaging in contact with food, tableware and kitchenware for food)

40  Pneumatic pipes, hoses, tires and tires, rubber chambers, hygienic products, surgical gloves, swimming pool track; rubber sealing products for pneumatic brake systems of railway rolling stock (diaphragm, cuffs, collars, valve seals, gaskets, bushings)

41. Leather goods (boxing gloves, gear gloves and paws)

42. Rescue fire belts made of genuine leather

43. Wooden sleepers, impregnated; wooden bars for switches; chipboard and fiberboard, resin impregnated, plywood

44. Barrels, kegs, vats, tubs and other cooperage products, table and kitchen wooden accessories (in contact with food)

45. Products from natural cork

46. ​​Hygiene paper products, paper and cardboard used for filtering and packaging food products, tissue paper, wallpaper, paper dishes for food

47. Notebooks, diaries, albums (notebooks) for drawing

48. Cotton fiber, cotton fiber fabrics

49. Cotton wool made of textile materials and articles thereof for hygienic purposes and in medicine

50. Ropes (only used for fireman's insurance)

51. Linoleum, textile-based flooring

52. Pressure fire hoses

53. Knitted or crocheted clothing (children's range)

54. Professional clothing for firefighters

55. Clothing (except knitted), machine-made and hand-knitted (assortment for children)

56. Packing bags and bags (for food only) (except for used ones)

57. Rescue fire belts of textile material, corner flags (sports)

58. Footwear and similar products (children's assortment and boxing shoes) (ready-made shoes only)

59. Fireman helmets and helmets Sports hats

60. Panels, plates, tiles agglomerated with mineral binders, gypsum plates and panels, products from cement, concrete and asbestos cement, brake linings, concrete sleepers and reinforced concrete switch bars

61. Ceramic products (bricks, blocks, plates, ceramic pipes, tiles for floors and furnaces, ceramic laboratory ware, bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, tableware and kitchenware)

62. Safety glass for motor vehicles, glass packaging for food and medicine packaging, tableware and kitchenware, glassware for laboratory, hygienic and pharmaceutical purposes.

621. Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloyed steel less than

600 mm or more, hot rolled, cold rolled (cold pressed), clad or non-clad, with or without electroplating or other coating;

Hot-rolled rods in loosely wound coils of iron or non-alloy steel;

Iron or non-alloy steel rods, without further processing, except for forging, hot rolling, hot drawing or hot extruding, including rods rolled after rolling, other;

Other rods of iron or non-alloy steel;

Corners, shaped and special profiles made of iron or non-alloyed steel: channel bars, I-beams or wide-shelf I-beams, corner profiles, T-profiles, corner profiles or T-profiles, corners, shaped and special profiles, bulbar-shaped profile, corner profiles, channels, С-, Z-, omegoobraznye or unlocked profiles, profiled (ribbed) sheets;

Wire made of iron or non-alloy steel;

Corrosion-resistant steel in ingots or other primary forms; semi-finished products from corrosion-resistant steel;

Flat-rolled products made of stainless steel with a width of less than 600 mm or more;

Hot-rolled rods in loosely wound coils of stainless steel;

Other stainless steel rods; corners, shaped and special profiles of stainless steel;

Stainless steel wire;

Other types of alloyed steel in ingots or other primary forms, semi-finished products from other types of alloyed steel;

Flat-rolled products made of other types of alloy steel with a width of less than 600 mm or more;

Hot-rolled rods, in loosely wound coils, of other types of alloy steel;

Other rods of other types of alloyed steel; corners, shaped and special profiles from other types of alloy steel; hollow cores for drilling from alloyed or unalloyed steel;

Wire from other types of alloy steel

63.    Sheet piling of ferrous metals, drilled or non-drilled, perforated or non-perforated, solid or made of prefabricated elements; corners, shaped and special profiles welded, of ferrous metals;

Tanks, tanks, vessels, tanks made of ferrous metals for gases and liquids, ovens for cooking (fryers, braziers), heating on gas, liquid and solid fuels, table and kitchen products for cooking and eating, all types of rails and arrow points translations for 1520 mm track gauge (new), railroad switch assemblies, two-headed rail pads, split fasteners and crutch fasteners, split rail fastener terminals, spring anti-theft restraints Lsam, track spring elements (double-turn washers, cup springs, spring terminals), locomotive springs

64.   Fire carbines

65. Copper products (household appliances for cooking, table and kitchen products for cooking and eating)

66. Connection heads for fire fighting equipment

67.    Aluminum table and kitchen for cooking and eating (except for scouring cleaning kitchen utensils, pads for cleaning or polishing, gloves and similar products)

68. Cutlery, spoons and forks, kitchen sets and other table and kitchen appliances

69. Steam boilers, internal combustion engines, turbojet turbines, power plants, liquid and air pumps, compressors, fans and hoods, air conditioning systems, furnace burners, industrial or laboratory furnaces and chambers, refrigerators and freezers, sterilizers, distillers, centrifuges, dishwashers (with the exception of used ones and used on ships and civil aviation), equipment for weighing goods, hoists, hoists and hoists, cranes lifting nye different types of lift trucks, machines and devices for the movement of goods, agricultural machines, road construction equipment, installations and devices for agriculture, livestock and cooking, weaving machines, duplicating machines, Machines trading

70. Cash registers (electronic counting machines with built-in printer and cash registers)

Electrical machinery and equipment; engines (except for civil aviation) and alternators, batteries, furnaces and industrial chambers, electrical appliances, electric water heaters; sound recording and reproducing equipment, equipment for recording and reproducing television images and sound, electronic lamps and tubes, incandescent lamps (over 12 W), insulated wires, insulating fittings, technical telecommunications, including terminal (terminal) equipment, as well as technical ( hardware and software means ensuring the performance of functions of the system of operational-search measures in the equipment of telecommunications networks; means of technical and cryptographic protection of information used for sports purposes

Locomotives and motorwagon rolling stock; ballast cleaning machines; machines for the formation of ballast prism, planning and redistribution of ballast; machines for cleaning dirt from rails and for trimming ballast in sleeper boxes; ballast cutting machines in the distance between the legs; rail welding machines; machines and mechanisms for the replacement of sleepers; machines for fastening and lubricating rail fasteners; rail grinding machines and trains; railcars, motor-car, auto; locomotive-hauled passenger cars (new), including postal baggage and baggage; freight cars (new) covered (universal; for transportation of: grain; mineral fertilizers and mineral fertilizer raw materials; apatite concentrate; automobiles; livestock; cement; granulated carbon black; flour; paper; granulated polymers; carbon black; cold-rolled steel); closed gondola cars (universal; for transportation of pellets and sinter; bitumen; coke; bulk metallurgical cargoes; technological chips; peat; dumpcars and hopper-dispensers); tanks (oil-gasoline; eight-oil-gasoline, for transportation of viscous oil products; for transportation of 4 and 8-acid acids (sulfuric, weak nitric, hydrochloric, phenol, superphosphate, acetic, oleum); for transportation of improved sulfuric acid; for transportation of melange; for transportation of alcohols and food products (alcohol, wine materials, fruit and vegetable juices, milk); for transportation of propane, ammonia, hydrocarbon gases; for transportation of chlorine, ethyl liquid, acetaldehyde, vinyl chloride, pentane, yellow phosphorus; for transportation of calcined minutes soda, polyvinyl chloride, caprolactam, liquid pitch, pastes sulfanol, sulfur, molten sulfur, for transportation of chemicals benzene, methanol, cement carriage; for carrying heavy loads of powdered); platforms (universal; for transportation of heavy containers, large-tonnage containers and wheeled vehicles; for the transport of bunkers; for transportation of coiled steel; for transportation of wood in the whips; for transportation of timber materials; universal with a set of metal racks of the BO-118 type); truck; pair of wheels; solid wheels; axles; coil springs; springs; hydraulic vibration dampers; bolster; side frame; trolley frame; air distributors, including electric air distributors (assembled); sleeves connecting (assembled); air tanks; triangels; brake shoes; brake pads; brake cylinders; automatic coupling (assembled) (automatic coupling body; absorbing device; clamp; stops front and rear; wedge); medium-tonnage (new) containers (universal; special, including for the transport of dangerous goods); cardan shafts of the main drive of diesel locomotives and diesel trains; locomotive wheelsets; wheel locomotive axles; drive shafts drives generators; control locks; hump retarders

72. Land vehicles (tractors, vehicles,   bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, carriages, trailers and semi-trailers)

73. Optical, precision, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus (except for spare parts, consumables and control materials); measuring and control devices

sport roulettes and height measurers

731. Electronic stopwatches, chess clock

74. Weapons and ammunition

75. Furniture (with the exception of furniture made to individual orders); lamps and lighting equipment, not elsewhere specified or included.

76. Toys, games for children, checkers, chess, sports equipment

77. Training dummy, feminine hygiene pads and tampons, baby diapers and similar articles of any material.


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