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Information on the activities of the Customs authorities

The following information will be considered as information about the activities of the Customs authorities:

  1. Normative-legal acts determining the legal status of the Customs authorities;
  2. Normative and legal acts adopted by the Customs authorities as well as information on their implementation;
  3. Information on amendments and addenda to the normative and legal acts adopted by the Customs authorities, as well as the declaration of these documents as void;
  4. Information on draft normative-legal and other documents developed by customs authorities;
  5. Information on the implementation of state programs and other programs by Customs authorities;
  6. Information on public events (meetings, assemblies, press conferences, briefings, seminars, roundtables, etc.) conducted by the Customs authorities;
  7. Information on cooperation between the Customs authorities with other public authorities and management bodies, individuals and legal entities, as well as with foreign and international organizations;
  8. Information on international agreements of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which involves the customs authorities;
  9. Information on the official published indices describing the status of the sector (territory) and the pace of development of the Customs authorities, including indicators of socio-economic developmen

  10. Information on open tenders (tenders) and auctions, to be held (created) by the Customs authorities;
  11. Information on vacancies, conditions of employment and requirements to candidates for vacancies;
  12. Information on the coordinating and advisory bodies established by the Customs authorities;
  13. The plans of the Customs authorities to hold public meetings, including the agenda of the meetings, the date, place and time of their holding, the procedure of their appearance at the meetings.

Information on the activities of the Customs authorities may include other information in accordance with the legislation.



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