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Announcement for the Commercial Proposal regarding the construction of the customs terminals at the adjoining border checkpoints territtories
According to the Presidential Decree No PD-5582 dated 24.11.2018 the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter named Initiator) announces a Tender on the construction of customs terminals at the adjoining border checkpoints’ territories.

Public-private partnership will also be accepted.

Project plotted at the border checkpoints:

“Gishtkuprik” and “Oybek” (Tashkent region);

“Madaniyat” (Andijan region);

“Daut-ata” (Karakalpak Republic);

“Uzbekistan” (Ferghana region)

Commercial proposals will be accepted up to 17.00  of  January 28, 2020 (Final date).

Accepting date of the commercial offer is a day when Commercial Proposal will be submitted and registered by the State Customs Committee.

The Commercial proposal shall be provided and meet all requirements of the Initiator (please contact us for more details).

Investors (the company which will provide a Commercial proposal) and/or its affiliated companies should meet the following criteria (prequalification):

– whole project costs (100%) shall be covered by the Investor;

– financial status as well as requirements for management standards and international image (last 2 years) are strictly considered;

– gratuitous provision of buildings, structures and other equipment to the state bodies operating on the territory of customs terminals;

– an experience on such projects and in logistic terminal and/or warehouse’s management;

The best Commercial Proposals are determined by a competitive selection on the basis of submitted offers and supporting documents and their compliance to the competition requirements.  

For more details please call the number: +998 78 120 76 00 (ext. 5305 or 5709).

The documents shall be submitted to address: 3, Islam Karimov Str., 100003, Tashkent city, Republic of Uzbekistan, e-mail (for attentation of Mr. A.Ergashev and of Mr. S.Muminov).


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